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Interstates Car Shipping

We are a full service transportation supplier, specializing in Domestic Full Truckload, Partial Truckload, Less-than-load (LTL) and Intermodal Service.

As one of the world's largest transportation supplier and third-party logistics companies, Autoplex offers shippers a wide range of customized global transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions. Our relationships with truck, rail, ocean, and air carriers mean more equipment options and greater flexibility to bring Autoplex to market.

Since we don't rely on a single carrier, we have great flexibility when solving logistic problems. Autoplex's industry expertise makes it possible to track trends and foresee when capacity will be a problem. At all times, we leverage our buying power in the equipment market on your behalf to source equipment.

We employ premier technologies to provide our customers with real-time Autoplex visibility and valuable reporting. For these demanding sectors, we provide 100% air ride equipment, including flat, step, low bed and van trailers.

We work directly with dedicated fleets and contract carriers by matching our customer’s with backhaul lanes to pass on the savings to our customers. Our competitive pricing comes from owner operators dedicated to accountability and quality service.

24/7 car shipping with our team member will assist you every step of the way and to keep track of the shipping progress.

Autoplex Transport is licensed, bonded and insured.

AutoPlex Transport BBB Business Review


“We provide reputable and trustworthy service”

The Autoplex tranport is the world largest full-service transportation suppliers offer auto shipping service to the United States and Canada and included in the best third party logistics companies. We had greater flexibility with more equipment options and solving logistics problems with real-time valuable reporting and visibility.

Our mission is to stay focused to have a great positive impact around the globe with super client satisfaction through our exceptional and dedicated work. And we can say directly and happily that we always got success to create loyal repeat customers.

“We are bonded, insured and licensed”

There may be included so many reasons to hire a vehicle transport company. Everybody has its own reason to transfer its good and the vehicle is included in the most valuable asset of someone. So nobody wants to move or shift it at risk.

For instance
  • you purchased a car from a dealer, that is miles away to your place,
  • Or simply you are moving to a new place,
  • Going to country’s another part for winter/summer or vacations,
  • Sending your child or someone to the college, for their favorite place far away,
  • Or you are selling your vehicle out of your place

So, there are endless reasons that lead you to decide to move or transfer your vehicle, rather you are a buyer, a private owner, a big-name dealership or seller or collector of classic cars.

The Autoplex transport is included in one of the most credible, professional and experienced auto transport companies providing outstanding service door to door transport and shipping cars state to state.


The Vehicle is always an important and valuable asset because without it life stops. The things which are important to someone, for which they showed great care and protection always in a priority to hand over to professional and good caretaker of that asset.

We are Care shippers - so, we Autoplex transport always add priority to the protection and care to your valuable and important asset because we know how to provide care shipping. We care for our customer needs and priorities to make them stress out having a great attention to their problems and demands.


We are experts

We know how to eliminate aggravation and hassle because we are experts having thirty years of combined shipping and auto transfer experience. Working with professional and experienced staffs is much less stressful, worry and problematic than having a trip on your own or hiring another unknown vehicle transport company.

We take care of your time

We are experienced and know all the measurements to save your quality of time because we know how to value time of others as well as for our work because we worth it. We make good relation with our customers to make them potential and loyal.

We take care of your money

As we know how to save time, so it has direct relation with your money as well. And on the other side we provide visible and transparent prices that all are reasonable and affordable matching to your pocket budget.

We take care of security and safety

Relying on professional staffs means to say no to any harm and damage. Because there are number of chances of unknown potential accidents, road hazards and bad weather. So don’t take the risk to these deals of problems just put your vehicles to our transport auto broker service and forget about any security and safety measurements and requirement. So it is one of the benefits to hiring a credible company.

We are bonded

We are bonded towards all your need, measurement and logistics. We have a team of hardworking and dedicated staffs. And we trained then according to the matching requirements and services that you want, to transfer your vehicle quickly and easily.

We are insured

We are responsible for your whole transfer. In the case of any accident or mishap or something happened undesired we will never left you alone because we are insured and all responsible of your vehicle. We have alternatives in the case of emergencies. Not all the companies are insured so beware!

We are licensed

It’s a licensed company offered fully licensed service so it’s easy to trust on. A licensed reputable company definitely provide you a sense of confident.


It’s a door to door dealer to dealer shipping peaceful service. It provides everything on time with full convenience. There is no any puzzled personal information required, as we offered instant quotes. Your all requirement is tracking online because we provide 24/7 online as well as consistent customer service. We had professional drivers and money back guarantee just for the peace of your mind because we care!


No matter you need to transfer three or thirty vehicles, we transfer no of vehicles to its new destination and location simply quickly and efficiently. Hiring an automobile transport service for moving your vehicles to a replacement location merely is sensible.

In most cases, you'll be able to notice the services offered at an inexpensive rate. This is often even created cheaper if you're moving quite one vehicle at a time. Take care to seek out an honorable company like Autoplex transfer. This may facilitate to avoid wasting you even longer and frustration within the long-term.


Our mission is to produce every client with comprehensive and reliable automotive vehicle transport. Throughout shipping, we wish each single client to own peace of mind, knowing that their cars or vehicles is in safe hands. Once selecting our automotive shipping supplier, you are just assured in our company and our services. At merely automotive vehicle shipping, we wish you to be 100% snug and happy along with your vehicle shipping method. Simple, we Autoplex transfer measured our success and business through customer satisfaction. We would like to earn your repeat business with us.

As ~Anita Roddick, said; “The business of business should not be about money it should be about responsibility it should be about public good, not private greed”

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    +1(800) 893-9649
    +1(713) 429-1994
  • +1(800) 893-9649
  • +1(713) 429-1994
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