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AutoPlex Transport understands the value of your vehicle and promises to treat it as if it is our own. We provide hassle free transport solutions!

No more road trip fatigue! Don't waste time and energy driving your car across the country in the USA. Let AutoPlex Transport take care of it, so you can focus on what matters. Ship your car quickly and safely with AutoPlex Car Shipping today!

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About Us

About Us

AutoPlex is your friendly auto transport company in Houston! We’ve been transporting vehicles for many years and are experts at safely moving vehicles. Our main goal is to take care of your precious car, truck, or SUV and deliver it smoothly to its destination. Our team of skilled professionals works hard to make sure your vehicle arrives in the same great condition it was when you handed it to us. Over the years, we’ve helped lots of happy customers with their vehicle transportation needs. Their trust and satisfaction mean the world and inspire us to improve. No matter your vehicle type, we’ve got the solutions to move it safely. When you choose AutoPlex, you’re choosing a reliable, safe, and worry-free journey for your vehicle. AutoPlex – Your friendly partner in auto transportation. No more road trip fatigue! Don’t waste time and energy driving your car across the country in the USA. Let AutoPlex Transport take care of it, so you can focus on what matters. Ship your car quickly and safely with AutoPlex Car Shipping today!

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Auto Plex has a proven track record and extensive knowledge in handling vehicle transportation.

Leave it to the pros

With our top-rated auto transport company, your vehicle's journey from point A to point B will be effortless, leaving you stress-free. No need to worry about any roadblocks along the way; our experienced professionals will easily navigate the entire process. We offer a range of services in the USA.

Personalized approach

At Auto Plex Transport, we pride ourselves on delivering top notch service for your vehicle's journey. When you opt for our car shipping solutions, you can expect a seamless and effortless experience from start to finish, taking the burden off your shoulders.

Dedicated advisors

Our professional auto transport company advisors work passionately to ensure you're working with the best account on our dedicated advisors to be your reliable partners in auto transport. You can rest assured that you'll be connected with the finest vehicle transportation service company.

The best company

When moving your car, there's no better choice than AutoPlex Transport. Our customers can't stop praising our top-notch service, making us one of the industry's most reputable car moving company. You can rely on us to deliver your vehicle on time and in great condition.

Zero upfront payment

AutoPlex Transport offers you the advantage of booking your car transport without any upfront costs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you pay only when your car is scheduled for shipping. We offer a range of services in the USA.

Insurance coverage

Our shipping quotes include insurance coverage, so you can relax knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands throughout its transportation journey and our industry experts ensure a smooth transport experience for trusted members of the industry.

15K+ auto carriers

Our auto transporter company has a huge network of haulers who are personally vetted auto shipping experts, ensuring your vehicle is transported at our transport company, we take pride in our 15,000+ strong network of personally vetted haulers. Your vehicle's safety and security are our top priorities.

Extended hours

No need to wait for office hours! At our Car Shipping Company, we have extended hours to serve you better. Our team is always on hand to answer your questions about our top-notch car moving services. Auto Plex has a proven track record and extensive knowledge.

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How is the cost of car transport calculated?

Our car transport company typically considers factors such as the distance of the shipment, the type of vehicle, the chosen shipping method, and the current market rates to determine the shipping cost.

Heavy-Duty Trucks or Vans

Heavy-Duty Trucks or Vans

Vehicles with higher than standard weight, like heavy-duty trucks or cargo vans, might need special equipment for loading and unloading, which can result in a price variation.

Heavy-Duty Trucks or Vans

Non-Running Vehicles

Shipping non-operational cars can incur additional charges as specialized equipment and expertise are needed to load and transport them safely.

Heavy-Duty Trucks or Vans

Open Carrier Transport

Open transport is the most common and cost-effective option for shipping vehicles. It involves open-sided carriers, making them suitable for most standard vehicles.

Heavy-Duty Trucks or Vans

Interstate Transport

When transporting a vehicle between states, the overall cost may increase with longer distances, but the cost per mile tends to decrease, offering cost-effective benefits for greater distances.

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Frequently asked questions

The time for auto transport varies based on distance and the chosen transport type. Transport within the same country usually takes 1-2 weeks, while international shipping may take longer.

Ensure your vehicle is clean and empty of personal items. Document any existing damage and secure loose parts. Leave about a quarter gas tank, and provide spare keys if needed.

Open transport is the most common and safe method for moving vehicles. Cars are secured and protected from typical road hazards during transport.

Yes, you can typically request a preferred pickup and delivery date, but exact timing may depend on carrier availability and distance. Planning and communicating your preferences with our Auto Plex Transport company is the best.

Yes, there are open carriers, enclosed carriers, flatbeds, and more. Open carriers are standard and affordable, while enclosed carriers offer extra protection for high-value or delicate vehicles.

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