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We cannot transport our vehicles by our own because if we try we take a risk and it causes harm and damage to our vehicles. For this purpose one’s should hire professional company for vehicle transport and auto shipping company. One of the main advantages of seeking help from a professional transportation company is they provide services according to individual needs and it also provides peace of mind that your vehicles are in safe hands. Autoplex transfer is one of the world’s best reliable company that provide all its vehicle transport and auto shipping services in very affordable vehicle shipping quotes. We ship your vehicles professionally.

Professional staff

We hire professional drivers and staffs, who are experts and well trained. Our drivers can easily handle all traveling requirements. They all have a license and no laws. So when you say ship my car or ship my vehicle, we understand how important your car is for you and we take professional responsibility for your auto shipping. We try to provide services beyond our client’s expectation to make them loyal.

Number of can transport

Autoplex have the facility to transfer a number of cars from one place to your defined location. Our expert staff handles your vehicles carefully. It is important to discuss all details before shipping your vehicles, our staff asks your requirements and demands to save you from any trouble.

Online Customer Care

We provide consistent online customer care service. Our staff always answer your queries and listen to your complaints. We provide online tracking of your vehicle shipping so you can peacefully sit at your home. Always make sure that you provide online reviews so we can help others in the future.

Vehicle shipping quote

Our vehicle shipping quotes are reasonable, affordable and based on customer choice of services. But we know how to save money of our customers so can trust us with your money. Our auto shipping, ship my car, ship my vehicle services rates are visible and transparent and we don’t have any hidden charges.

Time is precious

As we save your money, same way we save your time. We provide all our vehicle transport, vehicle shipping, auto shipping company, auto shipping quotes, ship my car and ship my vehicle timely. We pick and drop your vehicles on decided time because we know the worth of your and our time.

Customer satisfaction

For Autoplex Transfer Company love its customers and your satisfaction matters a lot for us. We go beyond your expectation to fulfill your requirements. We provide wide range of auto shipping and transporting services and these all are right one to choose if you want to move your vehicles from one location to another. We check the reviews of our previous customers so we can help our future customer in a better way. In case you need any help, we have a credible customer care website.


If you are hiring credible auto shipping company for transporting your vehicles than you forget about any safety and security measurement and requirements. Our company is licensed reputable company and provide fully licensed services. In case of any mishap, our company has full insurance to help our customers’ loss and damage. We take full responsibility for your transfer.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide reasonable vehicle quotes and do our best job to fulfill our client demands and needs. We put all efforts to make our customers loyal. Our priority is to ship your vehicles on time, safely and quickly. We measure our success and business after review customers’ comments and for us, your satisfaction is key to our success. Throughout auto shipping, we wish every single client to own peace of mind, knowing that their cars or vehicles are in safe hands and will transfer at predefined location on time without any harm and damage.