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Specialty Vehicles

AutoPlex- The Best Exotic Car Transport Companies

Are you looking for an auto transport company that can ensure you safe, secure, and fast transportation of your safety vehicle? Bid adieu to all your concerns because one of the best exotic car transport companies is here to serve you excellence. Whether you are moving states or it is your luxury vehicle that needs to get shipped to another area for an auto show, we are the exotic car transport specialist you need! Connect with us today and undergo an easy transporting exotic automobiles experience!

Secure & Bonded Specialty Vehicles Shipping Service

We are verified transporters that meet insurance standards to ship your luxury vehicles from one state to another. We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded.

Why Trust AutoPlex for your Luxury Car Transport?

Autoplex has been operating in this industry for more than a decade now. Having vast experience in transporting specialty vehicles from one end to another, we can ensure you safe, prompt, and reasonable special vehicle transport. We are the right company for you because we provide you with effective, reliable, and affordable transporting solutions for your special vehicle. We transport lowered race cars along with any sort of other special cars at very pocket-friendly prices. Talk to our professionals today and see yourself.


Providing Satisfaction since a Decade


Our customers' satisfaction is our priority and there's no way we’ll compromise on that. We have a panel of diligent professionals who strive hard every day to deliver your vehicles at your door as safely and quickly as possible.

Questions to ask before shortlisting a Luxury Car Transport Company

Getting your special vehicle shipped instead of driving it on unsafe roads is always looked up to by people. However, before choosing a specialty vehicle transportation company, it is important to skim over the basics of luxury car transport services.

1- Do they have an online customer service representative center?

A good and reliable auto transport company will always have a highly responsive customer service center. They can assist you with any problem or any query. Reputable auto transportation companies have professional representatives who will not only represent the company but will also provide effective solutions to the questions you bring to them.

2- What are the safety measures taken during the vehicle transportation procedure?

Your exotic vehicles require care thus their safety during the shipping procedure should be your utmost priority. If you feel unsatisfied with specialty vehicle transportation services, opt for a service like AutoPlex which offers enclosed auto shipping. Make sure the company you are shortlisting taken preventive and safety measures during the vehicle transportation procedure.

3- How much insurance is the company offering in case the vehicle is damaged during the transportation?

Before selecting any special vehicle transport company, make sure to first check how much insurance is the offering in case the vehicle is damaged during the shipment. Your exotic vehicle should be provided with the utmost safety when it comes to the road, however, road accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, it is important to get ample coverage in case any incident like this undergoes.

4- How much time will shipping take?

The last and one of the most necessary things to do is taking notes of the shipment time of your exotic vehicle. Determine how much time each company will take to ship your vehicles and only shortlist those who match your requirements.


Connect with Autoplex today to Experience Easy Luxury Car Transport


Overwhelmed by the process of transporting your exotic car to another state? Drop you worry baskets for Autoplex is here. We will help you ship your car to any state in the USA efficiently, safely, and promptly!

How to Avail Autoplex’s Exotic Car Shipping Services?

We have made the process of reaching out to us as simple as we can because we are aimed towards providing you a worthwhile experience. When you reach out to us, all you need to do is run by the following steps.

Get Quoted

Fill the form with the information about your exotic car provided on our homepage and obtain a quote. If you want a more specified quote, talk to our customer support representative and acquire your car’s shipment quote yourself.

Schedule your Car’s Pickup

Talk to a consultant and provide them with the information (such as your car’s model and your pick & drop location). Get your slot booked and you’ll be connected to one of our experienced drivers shortly. Your car will be picked from the exact location on the day decided by our qualified drivers and will be shipped to the desired place.

Collect your Car

Our experienced drivers will drop your car off at the location guided and ask you to inspect the vehicle properly to make sure no damage has been done. Once the inspection is done from your end, the payment has to be made by you and the deal will be closed successfully.


Serving you Excellence


Fulfilling the demands of our customers and offering them quality services is our priority. We aim to fully educate our clients regarding the auto shipping procedures and keep you updated all the time. No matter the type of vehicle, our professionalism and years of experience will help ship your wheels by putting in the most minimal effort.