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Heavy Haul Services

Autoplex comes amongst the most Reliable Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Texas

Get your wheels shipped from one place to another is already an arduous task. And when it comes to getting heavy haul trucking done, the procedure becomes even more difficult. However, the whole task can become an easy feat for you if you have got the right transportation assistants by your side. We at Autoplex have been handling heavy equipment transport for a long time. Our effective strategies combined with professional craftsmanship have enabled us to ship hundreds and thousands of heavy wheels from one place to another. Our customers trust us with their wheels no matter how big, overweight or gigantic they are. We have transported a lot of heavy vehicles to the desired destination safely, quickly and securely.

Safe & Secure Heavy Equipment Transport Services

One of the biggest concerns of our clients, when they approach auto shipping services, is the safety of their vehicles. However, when you get connected with Autoplex you don’t have to worry about the safety of your wheels. We are an insured vehicle transport company assisted by the most qualified staff. With every forthcoming problem, we provide our customers with a conclusive solution. We assure safety for your wheels, making sure they reach from one end to another in the right condition! Our excellence and proficiency in this field have led us to be one of the best auto transport companies in Texas.

Types of Heavy Equipment Shipping we Do

Airplanes Articulated Trucks Cement Trucks
Bulldozers Crawler Tractors Motor Graders
Road Rollers Water Trucks Helicopters

Committed to your Satisfaction

Our customers' satisfaction is our priority and there's no way we’ll compromise on that. We have a panel of diligent professionals who strive hard every day to deliver your vehicles at your door as safely and quickly as possible.


Your Satisfaction is our Priority

At Autoplex, we care about our customers hence their satisfaction is our priority. We aim to satisfy you in terms of money, our quality services, and exemplary customer support. No need to search ‘heavy haulers near me’ for one of the best heavy haul companies have come to your service. From heavy wheels such as trolleys to airplanes to motor graders, there is nothing impossible to transport with us!

Things to Expect when Transporting Heavy Vehicles

Shipping your wheels is a time-consuming task. The process becomes typically longer and hectic when it comes to heavy equipment shipping. Therefore, you should expect the process to be slow. Moreover, heavy equipment transportation costs more than the standard shipping services. But when you reach out to Autoplex for heavy-haul shipping services, we can offer you a competitive and reasonable quote that will be light on your pocket and will also cover our costs. With us, the process of transporting your heavy vehicles will be done as promptly by us as possible through our unique and effective shipping strategies. After all there is a reason why we come amongst the top heavy haul trucking companies of USA.

How to Avail Autoplex’s heavy Haul Shipping Service?

We have made the process of reaching out to us as simple as we can because we are aimed towards providing you a quality experience. To avail of our heavy haul services, all you need to do is run by the following steps.

Get Quoted

Fill the form with the information of your vehicle provided on our homepage and obtain a quote. If you want a more specified quote, talk to our customer support representative and acquire your vehicle's shipment quote yourself.

Determine your Dimensions

To carry out effective shipping of your heavy vehicle, Autoplex determines your wheel's dimensions first. We identify the exact dimensions of your vehicles so that we can pair them with the best trailer type.

Schedule your Vehicles’ Pickup

Talk to a consultant and provide them with the information (such as your vehicle’s model, size, and your pick & drop location). Get your slot booked and you’ll be connected to one of our experienced drivers shortly. Your vehicle will be picked from your desired location on the day decided by our qualified drivers.

Collect your Vehicle at Desired Location

As soon as your vehicle reaches the terminal, our drivers will get in touch with you and confirm the exact drop-off location. They will drop it off and ask you to inspect the vehicle properly to make sure no damage has been done during the heavy haul transport process. Once the inspection is done from your end, the payment has to be made by you and the deal will be closed successfully.


Serving you Excellence


Fulfilling the demands of our customers and offering them quality services is our priority. We aim to fully educate our clients regarding the auto shipping procedures and keep you updated all the time. No matter the type of vehicle, our professionalism and years of experience will help ship your wheels by putting in the most minimal effort.