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Transfer Your Vehicle with Autoplex Transfer Door to Door Transport

The Autoplex transport is the world largest full-service transportation company that offers door to door transport, shipping cars state to state and auto shipping service to the United States and Canada. We provide reputable and trustworthy service.

Insured and licensed

There may be included so many reasons to hire a vehicle transport company. Everybody has its own reason to transfer its vehicle and cars are the most valuable asset of someone. So nobody wants to move or shift it at risk. For instance, you purchased a car from a dealer, that is miles away to your place or you are selling your vehicle out of your place. So, there are infinite reasons that lead you to decide to move or transfer your cars, rather you are a buyer, a private owner, a big-name dealership or seller or collector of classic cars. The Autoplex transport is included in one of the most credible, professional and experienced auto transport companies providing outstanding service door to door transport and shipping cars state to state.

Car is an important asset

The Vehicle is always an important and valuable asset because without it life stops. The things which are important to someone, for which they showed great care and protection always in a priority to hand over to the professional and good caretaker of that asset. We Autoplex transport always add priority to the protection and care to your valuable and important asset because we know how to provide care door to door car shipping. We care for our customer needs and priorities to make them stress out having a great attention to their problems and demands.

Professional Transport Service

We know how to eliminate aggravation and hassle because we are experts having thirty years of combined shipping and car transport experience. Working with professional and experienced staffs is much less stressful, worry and problematic.

We take care of your time and money

We are experienced and know all the measurements to save your quality of time because we know how to value time of others as well as for our work because of we worth it. We make a good relation with our customers to make them potential and loyal. As we know how to save time and your money and on the other side we provide visible and transparent prices that all are reasonable and affordable matching to your budget.

We are bonded

We are bonded towards all your need, measurement and logistics. We have a team of hardworking and dedicated staffs. And we trained then according to the matching requirements and services that you want, to transfer your vehicle door to door and ship state to state quickly and easily.

We are insured and licensed

We are liable for your whole door to door transportation. In the case of any accident or mishap or something happened undesired we will never be left you alone because only a few companies has insurance and our company is one of them and all responsibility of your vehicle. In the case of emergencies, we have alternatives. It’s a licensed company offered fully licensed service so it’s easy to trust on. A licensed reliable company definitely provide you with a sense of confidence and satisfaction.

Money back guarantee

We have professional drivers and money back guarantee just for the peace of your mind because we care!

Transfer several vehicles

No matter you need to transfer three or thirty vehicles, we transfer no of vehicles to its new destination and location simply quickly and efficiently by providing door to door transportation service and shipping cars state to state. Autoplex transfer facilitate you to avoid wasting your quality time and save you from frustration within the long-term.


Our mission is to stay focused to have a great positive impact around the globe with super client satisfaction through our remarkable and devoted work. And we can say directly and happily that we always got success to create loyal repeat customers by providing our services in door to door transport As “Anita Roddick, said; “The business of business should not be about money it should be about responsibility it should be about public good, not private greed.”